Speaker Name(s): Anthony Waker, Ph.D., NSERC/UNENE Senior Industrial Research Chair in Health Physics and Environmental Safety, University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), Oshawa
Description: We encounter ionizing radiation throughout our lives, through naturally-occurring radioactive materials, diagnostic and therapeutic medicine, air travel and nuclear power production. The measurement of the interaction of radiation with biological materials is termed ‘dosimetry’ and is a fundamental measurement science that ensures that appropriate standards are established for the application of ionizing radiation in medicine, industry and for radiation protection. However, in order to fully understand the effects of ionizing radiation on living tissue we need also to consider radiation interaction on the microscopic scale which, appropriately is termed ‘microdosimetry’. This talk will discuss how we encounter radiation, what is meant by ‘dosimetry’ and ‘microdosimetry’, and how an appreciation of radiation interaction at the cellular and subcellular levels can lead to advanced radiation therapies, improved radiation protection and a better understanding of the risks of low-dose exposures.