Speaker Name(s): Walter Whiteley, B.Sc, PhD
Description: Drawing on over three decades of work in Discrete Applied Geometry, as well as a decade of geome­try courses for teachers, we offer some proposals for the teaching and learning of mathematics in gen­eral, and geometry education in particular. A growing body of research, including fMRI studies of people ‘doing mathematics’ and of cur­riculum development, including suppor­tive technology, is addressing our key theme. The theme is the cru­cial importance of spatial abilities and visual rea­son­ing in the learning, application and develop­ment of mathematics. We will illustrate these ideas, with some key examples from inside and outside mathematics, as well as the learnability of the required mathematical habits of mind. In the context of recent debates about the Mathematics curriculum in Ontario, I will offer some proposals to reshape our goals for the learning of geometry, as well as the paths we take across the rich learn­ing landscape of geometry, and the tools that can sup­port this.