Speaker Name(s): W. Richard Peltier, BS., MSc, PhD
Description: NSERC RCI FOUNDATION LECTURE The problem of global climate warming remains an unmet challenge to the ability of the international community to respond. Warming due to increasing atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations, caused primarily by human influence due to fossil fuel burning, is undeniable. Denial of the accuracy of the scientific projections of plausible futures is most often based upon claims that such projections depend upon overly complex computer models. I will discuss the physics embodied in these models and the tests that have been performed to establish their validity. These tests include not only verification of past projections by comparing them to subsequent observations, but also tests against episodes of extreme climate change that are known to have occurred in the past. I will also discuss what the models suggest will be the climate future in the next century of the Great Lakes Basin region of North America, a landscape inhabited by 35 million persons. This lecture is co-sponsored by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and hosted by Ryerson University