Speaker Name(s): Edward (Ted) H. Sargent, B.Sc., Ph.D.
Description: Nanotechnologists design and build matter to specifications derived from human needs. Nanotechnology is coordinated movement, a choreographed dance among atoms and molecules to achieve a desired effect. It harmonizes within Nature's own set of rules to coax matter to assemble into new forms. The resulting materials exhibit striking beauty when viewed in an electron or optical microscope, often even with the naked eye. Their purpose: to produce breakthroughs in medicine, energy and information. Nanotechnologists are working to transform the way illnesses such as cancer are diagnosed, striving to see disease when it's one cell, not a billion. Each day, the sun bathes the earth in ten thousand times more energy than we need; we are working to capture even the small fraction that could let us meet our energy needs cleanly and sustainably. We are working towards a light-based Internet 100 times faster than today's. I will illustrate some scientific principles and possibilities at the molecular scale; will describe how nanotechnology is already improving our lives; and will ask what it could do for us next.